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Was so good.Team Rachel & Mike.

your opinions, GO.

Was so good.Team Rachel & Mike.

your opinions, GO.

- You drunk dialed him?
- I didn’t drunk dial him. I called him.


suits || opening sequence

R: What’s playing on that thing?
M: Audiobook. The Fall of the Roman Empire?
R: Oh, I was just rocking out to Einstein’s biography this morning.
M: Hmm, see, I prefer his acoustic stuff. [x]


Rachel: “If I let you help me, will you leave me alone?”


Favorite Intros → Suits


Top 6 New OTPs

6. Mike & Rachel (Suits)



Suits, Season 1, Episode 12

Mike: Casablanca?
Rachel: Oh I have never seen that movie.
Mike: You have never seen…
Rachel: No, it’s old!
Mike: Old? Oh my God. Gone With The Wind?
Rachel: No.
Mike: Citzen Kane?
Rachel: No.
Mike: Dirty Dancing?
Rachel: Nobody puts baby in the corner
Mike: I can’t believe you.
Rachel: I’m helping you!

(Source: officerparker)

(Source: officerparker)